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Christmas is our most celebrated holiday category and we are pleased to open our historic Christmas image archive to you. This category is divided into six sections: Night Before Christmas Stock Images,Vintage Santa Claus Stock Images, Vintage Snowman Stock Images, Winter Snow Scenes Stock Images, Christmas Children Stock Images, and Christmas Angels & Magical Stock Images. Our historic illustrations have been culled from a variety of rare sources and even include art by Thomas Nast, an early illustrator of Santa Claus from the celebrated poem, "The Night Before Christmas."All of the images in the "Night Before Christmas" section have been selected from out-of-print Victorian Era Christmas children's books.

Night Before Christmas Stock Images- Beautiful Victorian Era illustrations of Santa Claus and his reindeer on Christmas Eve, all digitized from antique "Night Before Christmas" books, including art by Thomas Nast.

Vintage Santa Claus Stock Images- Vintage and Victorian images of Santa Claus including Santa driving a car, on a train, dressed as a soldier, and many more unusual illustrations.

Vintage Snowman Stock Images- A timeless favorite for children of all ages. Magical art of children and snowmen coming to life is great for those seeking winter themes.

Winter Snow Scenes Stock Images- Victorian and vintage illustrations of snow scenes, people skating, riding in horse driven carriages.

Christmas Children Stock Images- Children sledding, skiing, playing the snow, having snowball fights, window shopping for toys and more.

Christmas Angels & Magical Stock Images- Art of Victorian Christmas angels, elves, magical pine cone men, anthropomorphic ornaments and more.


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